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Have you ever wondered what that plant is or whether weeds in your garden are beneficial? With the Carl app you can identify any plant, weed or tree with just one snap of a finger!

Detailed plant information

Our hand-crafted information database will give you all the information you require

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Fast plant identification

Identify any plant you see using our unique AI technology.

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About Us

Carl is a mobile app to help you with plant identification!

We provide every plant lover and enthusiast with a way to quickly identify unknown plant species, for the sake of collection or a safe travel

In short we do provide such services:

  • Fast and reliable plant identification
  • Detailed information about more than 10,000+ plant species
  • Plant identification stats and history

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this service free?

Yes! We've made this app completely free for you. You can read plant information, identify plants, ask for help and much more

You can use button at the bottom of the screen to start identification

You can identify weed and read information on how to get rid of it, whether it is beneficial and many more

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